Work With Island - Test our cabin for 100 days

Test our cabin for 100 daysSatisfied or your money back!

If you are not completely satisfied with your Island or your needs have changed, you have 100 days from the date of delivery to return it to us at no charge.

How does it work?

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    You choose the Island of your choice. You can select customized cabins (colors, accessories), but only one unit will be eligible for the 100 day trial. The amount of your order must be paid in full in order to validate it.

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    You are delivered within 4 weeks

    The average delay between the confirmation of your order and the reception of your acoustic capsules is a few weeks. We take care of the delivery and assembly of your acoustic cabins.

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    Receipt of your order

    The 100-day trial begins when you receive your order. You can enjoy your Islands and contact us if you have any problems.

    The 100-day trial is only eligible on one unit of your first order. This trial is not available for the leasing offer.

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    100 days to be satisfied or refunded

    If you wish to return your acoustic booth during the 100-day trial period, simply contact us. Our team will take care of everything: organization of the removal of your booth and reimbursement as soon as possible.

    We'll automatically refund you any shipping and assembly charges

Work With Island -

What happens to the returned acoustic booths?

In an ecological approach, we have decided to put back into the sales cycle the acoustic cabins that are returned to us. The quality of our product allows us to date to count only 6 of them since 2018.

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As creators of sustainable and responsible workspaces, we are delighted to be able to count on the full range of Work With Island which, in addition to being Made in France, uses eco-responsible materials.

Florian CLAVEL

Already 2 Islands at Matters. Delighted with the product, eco-friendly and local - two strong arguments in our choice. Great human team at Work With Island!

We recommend them to all the startups we support.

Eric Raffin

The Covid has changed habits and increased the number of visios. In order to guarantee a quality experience to our coworkers, we benchmarked several manufacturers and selected Work with Island, not only for their functional and elegant booths, perfect acoustics and very fast air renewal, but also for their exceptional customer service and their delivery times, very rare in this sector where 12 weeks is considered fast by all furniture manufacturers

Amaury de Buchet

Real extras, the Work with island phone boxes are soundproof bubbles that provide comfort and confidentiality in the heart of our common spaces. They fit in with our decor and add a touch of design. Anyone can make them their own for a conversation, a video conference or a moment of concentration.

Zacharie Mezguini
Head of Office

A professional, friendly and caring team for the best equipment! We moved into our new office and wanted to purchase a phone booth for our wonderful sales team. After comparing prices on the market, we couldn't find a better choice than Work With Island in terms of quality, price and relationship! Thank you!

Lorena Laporte de Melo
Office & Happiness Manager

We at Luckey purchased an Island and are very pleased with it. It was immediately adopted by the teams and is now in constant use.

Aurelien Malfait
Co-founder & CEO

We've ordered several Island phone boxes over the past two years, and I don't see how we could do without them in our busy offices! From the commercial contact to the assembly by the technical teams, the Island team is always available, reactive, efficient, and adapts to last minute requirements. The follow-up is top notch, the pieces are adjusted by the teams after a quick phone call, and the boxes fit perfectly into our open space. Thank you to the whole team!

Juliette Vorsanger
People & Admin Ops

Thanks a lot to Work With Island who makes the best phone booths for the price! The aesthetics are just as good, the wood/fawn combination fits perfectly in all the office spaces I've done.

Anna Dumoulin
Project Manager

Assembled in 2 hours, the Islands have transformed our workplace and our daily lives. The Island is comfortable, practical and above all indispensable for our office life.

Antoine Loron
Co-Founder & CEO

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